I am a kid and I climb on my roof sometimes. If somebody calls the police will I get in trouble?



If it is ONLY your roof, I don't think you would get in trouble, but if you continually do it, you could get a good talking to... Since it could be a safety issue.


probably, i would stop doing that, you can get hurt really bad if you fall, just go play in the playground if you need to clinnb on sonnething




Probably. It's not against the law, but the police will show up because of the call and the report of a child in danger. If you don't get in trouble with your parents for being on the roof, like they don't care that much about you, then they won't take kindly to the police showing up at their door and bothering them. Either way, you're in hot water.


That's not illegal you won't get in trouble with the police and chances are they won't call the police if they see that. They probably will knock on your door and tell your parents who will get mad because it's dangerous.