I m renting out a hotel in my name for a friend.?

Let s say they rob a bank, a car, have warrants ect.. Go back to the hotel. I m at home in my comfy apartment.same state. Is their any way possible for me to get into trouble just by having my name on the hotel? These things didn t really happen I m just double checking. They also have 4 dogs as well.


You will be liable for any and all damages to that room since it's in your name. Four dogs? Really?

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Yes Every single bit of damage they commit while in that hotel is on your head. Given they have four dogs, expect to be sued later.

Donnie Porko

If you know about it and don’t tell the police then you can get in trouble. If you rent the hotel for him after knowing he committed a crime, then yes. If you rent the hotel before he commits the crime and don’t know about it then no.