If someone calls the police to make a complaint, and the officers go and check out the complaint, do they (the police) keep a record of it?





Yes, if the police filed a report. Most cases if an officer checks out a complaint he must file a report.

The Lord Humungus.

Yes, all such records are public records and they're required to maintain these records.


AT MINIMUM, there is a record that they went to check on the complaint. The level of detail in the report could vary significantly depending on the nature of the complaint and what they find.


They are Supposed to, Yes. Whether they do, well, ask for copy of cop printouts in your area and approximate time. Then, a copy of any records with your address in them. You have a right to a copy of it if it directly concerns you. Cops often Lie and say: "get a lawyer". Get their badge numbers if they do and call Citizens' Advisory Committee.


Yes. There will also be a record in dispatch, where the radio call went out. Many of these phone calls are recorded on tape, especially 911 calls. They often keep track of how many calls were made to a certain address for something like domestic violence, noise complaints.


That could vary depending on the type of complaint and department policy. My department enters everything in the computer. At a minimum, the information is entered into the dispatch log. If there is an allegation of an illegal act, a report is usually made.