If your pee is too cold do you automatically fail a drug test?

Alright , basically I’m trying to get this new job and they had me take a piss test short notice. I smoke weed on the weekends so I knew it was in my system. Long story short I use a friends pee during the drug test and the lady said it was too cold. She said “it’s colder than it should be if you just peed, but I’ll send it through anyway.” So does that mean I’m going to automatically fail, or did she let me slide? This is my first time taking a drug test since I was like 11 and didn’t take anything besides NyQuil. Anyone think they know what I should expect?


She may have let you slide She may notify the company you applied to that you are suspected of fraud


You just tested positive for whatever disease your friend has.


You must think the people at the collection center are idiots. LOL


Why would any legitimate company hire someone that dishonest?


You need to keep the Whizzinator warm


Sounds like she let it slide.


No one is going to hire that big of a mowron.


She should have thrown it away and made you leave. You got lucky! Your urine will be the same temperature as your body that’s why there’s a little tab at the bottom of the cup to determine temperature. If the urine is to cold it want read or will read the wrong temperature in order to detect tampering. If your friend has clean piss then your good but she should of made you leave. Quit smoking weed