Is this illegal?

So I’m on this dating app and this guy offered to send me money. He said he does work in Africa. We talk through kik. I gave him my online bank info and everything. I know it’s stupid I don’t want to get into that but just know I know it’s stupid. He put $900 in and wants me to buy $700 worth of steam cards so he can give them to kids down there. Now I’m feeling weird about it and was wondering what I should do? Would it be illegal to block him, close my bank account, and keep the money? He sent it to me via signing off a check by chase online bill payment and went into my account and took a picture to deposit it into my account. Would it be illegal to keep the money? I’d close my current account (I’m 18 but my dad’s connected to it) and id block him and open a new bank account. He knows my full name, maybe my address, routing/account number, high school I went to.


By now your account is empty and you will not get a cent back!


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SCAM!!!!!! Call your bank and tell then what is going on or you'll be out the money. He is scamming you. The check he sent is no good. there's no money for you to keep. DO NOT SEND HIM ANYTHING

because u don't APPLY urself

My sister (who has brain damage) fell for this one. You know that little voice that says “Maybe I shouldn’t do this?” Listen to it.


Ya that's a scam don't send him the money and be prepared for the bank to withdrawal that 900$ back out of your account.


He’s scamming you. The money is gonna disappear in about a week and you gonna loose $700, call your bank ASAP and explain the situation. They gonna block the guy for you. That’s a very common scam. He now knows lot of your private security information, you may have to change security passwords and answer questions from all your accounts.


You're about to get scammed big time.


Send your story to Hollywood. I'm sure they'd find an actress flakey enough to play your part with credit.


This is a scam. Never EVER give your bank details to someone in those circumstances.


Talk to your bank tomorrow morning and explain what is going on. They will help figure out what to do next. Don't send any gift cards or spend any money from your account. The bank will close out your account and help you set up a new account. Make sure you go to the police department and file a report.


its possible, i would talk to your bank avoid it, they can change your bank nunnber so he cant get into it or block hinn fronn getting into it and next tinne dont give the nunnber to anyone


Have you heard about Nigerian scammers? I lost about $500.00 to those guys,this sounds like a scam.I would close my bank account immediately.


You should eventually close your account since you gave this scammer your banking info. The "money" he sent you won't actually ever clear so don't spend it. Definitely do not buy the cards and send them. You need to tell your bank what you did so they can help you. Let this be a lesson to you. Don't EVER give your information to anyone who contacts you online. This is a variation of a common scam.


fake story but, not illegal to block him, not illegal for him to have the money you gave him because you *gave* it to him.


You Know you have to pay tax as income on that $900. So you send him $700. Now you owe more than $200 in income tax. So you loose money on this. It is a scam. You are washing money for him. Next if you send. He will send bigger money for you to pay his tax on. So do talk to your bank ASP. Change accounts. Some gang members may knock on your door for a refund so let the cops know.


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