If a police officer is killed while on duty and if a solider dies during war, could they be buried in their uniforms?


Rick B

of courses.


Of course most of the time that's what their buried in.


No this scenario you've described is not actually viable - not in my state within the Queen's Commonwealth of Australia - this situation would be legally privileged as a security threat for multiple reasons I would not care to get into ------- also noticed the other answers as well


I don't know the rules for being buried in uniform in any specific jurisdiction I am certain being on duty at the time of death IS NOT on the list.


I can be buried in my uniform and I retired 25 years ago.

The Lord Humungus.

Sure They could also ask to be buried butt naked.


I could be buried in cop or solider uniform even though I’m neither. It would be dumb as shi t but You choose your dying wishes.