What are the best advise to give when two person cannot be seperated but others wants them to be seperated?



Ignore what others say and do what is right and best for you (two).


Who is the advice for, the two conjoined people, or the people that want to take them apart?


If you don’t know the answer to this question then you’re not marriage material Other people do not matter. Your PARTNER matters.

Barb Outhere

To the couple - do what is right for the two individuals within the marriage - whatever that may be. For the people outside of the marriage BUTT OUT! If they want your help they will ask, and until then its NOT up to you to decide what is right for them. If you think there is a problem let them know you will be there for them IF they need it. Then the ball is in their court - to choose what they want to do.


depends on the sitiation


Theirs a reason why people want you separated need to find out why if you don't agree than let love over ride all.