What if I use the toll booth as a trash can?

On toll roads in the Richmond, VA area, ypu have three times of lanes: The easy pass lane, for those who have the smart tags on their car, the full service lane, where you pay a human toll worker and they make change if needed, and the exact change lane, where you through the change in an automated bin and it counts it and raises the poll electronically. I usually have exact change and use the third option. Say that I used this as an oppurtunity to get rid of any trash I may have in my car. I pull up, throw the toll change into the metal bowl that leas to the automated counter, but then zi also throw, say, a cheeseburger wrapper, or empty soda bottle in there, or a cigarette butt if I have a nearly finishes cigarette at the time. Lol what would come of that?


With cameras everywhere, you wouldn't get far down the road. Best case, littering. Worst case, the toll breaks and you are charged with criminal damage to property.

David S

Hopefully, you're not actually going to do anything like that. But if you do, a charge of disorderly conduct or vandalism might be the result.

Coffee Drinker

So you drive miles & miles of highway, and you're going to throw your litter out the window at the ONE spot that has high definition cameras recording your every move? Sounds like you're auditioning for a lead role on that TV show about stupid criminals.


It's vandalism. My nephew did something very similar. His fine was $500 PLUS community service. You are aware there are cameras involved, right? If you get ticketed and need to file your explanation with the Court, be sure to run a spell check first.


they mailed me a picture of me doing it and a fine of 200 dollars i mailed them a picture of 200 dollars... they mailed me a picture of handcuffs... i paid their fine......