If your neighbor blowd up a tree stump with dynomyte, would you tell on him?


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Hell, no; I'd get him to blow up a few of mine while I watch.

duck you sucker!

No, because I have lifted a couple stubborn cypress stumps with A n Fo ( Not strictly : Dyna mi te:) Plus your Neighbor may have a permit from the Fire Marshal, and call cops on YOU if you did this. Might make something up just to get even., Be a rotten neighbor for years until one of you moved. my neighbors come over and Talk. We were in a big group, twice, over a drunk shooter., We don't "pussy" and call cops. (I break my words up as Big Brother has a filter. You, Jeff should NOT use the :""D" word.)


No. In less than 15 minutes were I have property in America. The game wardens plane would be looking. Normally it is a beaver dam that got blowed. Farmers have problems with them backing water into some fields.


Are you sure that he used dynamite, in the US it is legal to own fifty pounds of an explosive powder.


lol what?


I kinda think the explosion would tell on him.

Meerkat Uno

Depends on which neighbor.

Who Dat?

No thats what dynamite is for. But if he uses more than half a stick hes just showing off for his neighbors.


Shore thang, Lee-roy, I mean Jeff !


I think I would have to do unless it was done correctly and legally.

Green Brick

Yes, especially if it was my tree stump.