Did you rememebr that saddamwas an us ally against iran?

saddam killed the commies like comrade navycrab and I proved he had not wmd he had oil and for israel was attacked, and 911 was an inside job like relatives of 911 admit it, japan proved it and russia too @mojinr: you idiot lickass of jew, pray that I will not meet you look 911 was an inside job relatives admit it and explain me why pinochet was nto attacked I forget had not oil


911 was not an inside job, but saddam had nothing to do with it. he was basically a dictator who had yes been our ally, serving as a check against iran, and not incidentally he also kept the religious extremists under control around there. taking him out is a big part of the reason we had so much trouble with terrorists there in the years afterwards. it's always worth pointing at that most of the folks we like to call "terrorists" around here were aligned with the sunni facet of islam, by the way, as very much opposed to the shiite facet that iran generally supports, and that there's a lot more support for that terrorism coming out of our great friend saudi arabia, than there ever was from either iraq or iran. actually it's not at all clear, at least to me, why dubya thought it was such a great idea to overthrow the guy, other than as a badly thought out bid to enhance our control over the global oil markets by having more direct control over the disposition of iraq's massive reserves, and also of course as a purely political move, to both trade on the reputation of his far more capable father, gained in the first invasion, and also to "do the old man one better" by "finishing the job," with the terrible results we've all been living with ever since


Perhaps, a long time ago, he may have been on our side. The Iran-Iraq war was one thing, but all his atrocities and anti-American sentiment later on clearly erased that. I don't know who you are, but I doubt that you have the credentials to "prove" he didn't have a WMD. Other intelligence officials may, but you should refer to them. Oil may have been the reason, I'll give you that; but, at the time, Israel was really hoping that peace would stick (so an riled up Middle East wouldn't serve them) and it honesty wouldn't benefit them to bring in so much violence into the area, so they're not the reason he was attacked. 9/11 was not an inside job, and I KNOW people who lost relatives in it. They don't admit it. Nor do the Japanese or the Russians classify it as an "inside job".


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