My grandson doesn't want to join the army, but he thinks he should follow in the footsteps of me, his father, and great grandfather. Advice?


Weasel McWeasel

let him be whoever he wants.


The military is no place to be if a person does not want to be there and in it. These days the trouble they have while in and get discharged for can follow them into civilian life and make it harder maybe for things like getting a job, applying for college, etc. You should sit down and talk with him about this and tell him that the best way for him to honor his father and grand father then is to be a good person and contribute to society rather than a burden on it. There are so many things and ways he can do that outside of the military really. I will also add that many of your veterans organizations have auxiliary membership for people like himself. Both your VFW and American Legion have them and you find in them people who never served but were children of those who served. They do many good things in the communities they have their posts in and that would be one way for him to honor them.


if he doesn't want to join the milirary, that is his choice respect it and support his choice


Glad to see you back!!


Growing up is about making your own decisions and then being responsible for them -- so the emphasis should be on making it his choice

Kathy Miller

I would never join the army, unless our country was being attacked. These wars we are in to fund the military industrial complex out there killing innocents over policies in their countries that have nothing to do with us are not something I want to back.