I am enlisting in the army (U.S.) after high school graduation in June and want to be in good shape. What kind of exorcising should I do now?



See your local priest. They should be able to tell you about exorcising.


You could exorcise the lazy ghosts, but, I suggest you try exercising instead. That will be much more useful for you!


Start with a 'Pentagram Banishing Ritual'.

Tara Newton

Push ups, walking, running, pull ups, crunches. The most important thing you need to work on is walking long distances. You will do a LOT of walking at basic training. Next I would say push ups. I am not in the military and never have been but I was in ROTC and did a summer program at Fort Jackson. One of the things the drill sergeant used to make us do was "Over Head Claps" I dont know if theres an actual term but thats what I call it because you literally just start with your arms held straight out to your sides (Make a T with your body) and then clap your hands over your head. It might seem silly but after a few minutes this REALLY starts to hurt! All of the exercises you will have to do are things that you can do with your own body weight. There is no need to lift weights or anything like that. Best of Luck!