Do you think by 2020, we are going to go into WW3.?



We might be in a civil war socialist / slavery vs capitalists / freedom. The looney left wants to Reduce or country into bankruptcy like Venezuela with promises of free everything But then taking everything away once they Obtain power over the people just like all Tyrants do. Freedom is lost along with everything we value. Capitalism brings prosperity And the booming economy and human rights And freedom to live the way you chose.


No. No one would win it, and Europe has seen the destruction of two world wars. 911 was an every day occurrence in Europe WW2.


No Trump will lose


I have been thinking 2020 will be very decisive year. We will have an election. Our politicians will all be focused on the election and not so much on what is going on in the world. The Democrats and Republicans are more interested in what is good for their parties rather than what is good for America. China will have all its islands done and at least two functional aircraft carriers. They could make their move in the South China Sea and against Taiwan, their rogue state. Now, if WW Three starts it will be because the USA still thinks it is the top dog in the world and tries to stop China. We will have a very nasty short war and the USA will have to back down.


No, the current geopolitical situation does not indicate any of the kind of rising tensions that would antedate a major conflict. The Syrian conflict seems rather limited in scope and will not grow, especially since Trump has indicated he wants to reduce our participation there. There are really no other regional conflict that are likely to expand, either. I'd say there is little prospect for a WW3 for well past Trump's presidency which will end in January 2025.


No by 2020 the world's most probably going to be 100% gay and controlled by the illuminati


Nope No sign of a WW3 breakout for atleast 2030.


nope, as there are NO 'world powers' to oppose us ...........................

The Oracle of Omigod

Why? Russia has been breaking the terms of the agreement so why should we pretend they aren't. We are economically five times the size of Russia. North Korea seems to want to forge a new path. China would be hurting itself if they went to war with us.


Death...the ultimate high!


Yes flee for your lives