Why is there such a big percentage of black women in the united states army?


thomas f

Did you know that 80% of black youth are not eligible for military service? No highschool diploma, teen pregnancy, illegal drug use, felony convictions, obesity and other health issues, and failure to pass the entrance exams, all contribute to the failure. No racism, just the facts. The facts are not racist.


They love the United States. They're true patriots. I respect them.



They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

You don't expect rich white kids to join do you? We are currently paying soldiers more than at any time in our history. For many poor people, this has become the only way to get an education.


A couple of reasons really. Many come from the inner city or disadvantaged homes and maybe economically depressed areas and so the military offers a way out of that along with training in a job that might get them a job later on the outside after they are done with the military. That and its full time pay and full time benefits and the Army has the lowest test and enlistment standards. Many come from areas where also the schools and education systems in place are not that great. The ASVAB minimum test score for enlistment in the Air Force and Navy and any of its jobs is higher than it is for the Army. That also probably forces some to go with the Army even though that maybe is or was not their first choice. Lastly is the Army has more turnover and lower rates of retention than the other services. For anyone wanting to escape their current living and job situation it more readily offers an opportunity to do so especially since it is also the largest of any of the military services.


Because many of potential black mates are in jail!


They're very manly. They like acting and looking tough.

Pearl L

cause they wanted to join


only one prepared to fight for the country

Capitalist Dingo

They chose to join. Simple as that.


It is how Fat Donnie "fixed black unemployment."