My 4" neck tattoo is a bald eagle. Grounds for waiver?


They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

No, because it still proclaims "complete moron." Lucky for you, they didn't make quota last year and are taking morons right now.


"Gansta" Tats show a lapse in judgement, peoples lives depend on proper judgements. Try the U.S. Marines, they are called Jar heads for a reason. The Marines are easing their tattoo rules but do not allow sleeves, which would be visible with short-sleeved uniforms like PT uniforms. ... In 2015, the Army updated its rules to allow sleeve tattoos, but it does not permit soldiers to have ink on their necks or hands, which would be visible in the Army Service Uniform.


Probably not, but you can try. When my ex was in the military, he couldn't have any type of face/neck tattoo's no matter what the design was. He's got them all over now though (his duty ended years ago).


A waiver from what? But probably not.