Are you for medicare for all? Do you know that involves a monthly premium plus supplement?

Participants must pay at least $135 monthly and pay for an additional supplement to have full coverage.


It does NOT involve a supplement unless a person wants one. In other words, Medicare does NOT require people to buy supplemental insurances. Medicare is like any other medical insurance - it pays a portion of the approved costs - 80%. Anyone with Medicare has the option of paying the 20% out-of-pocket or by getting a supplement which will cover what Medicare doesn't (copays and deductibles). And of course it involved a monthly premium - who doesn't know that? Part A of Medicare doesn't generally because 1.45% of the SS tax you pay when you work pays for Medicare Part A. Only those people whose earnings aren't subject to social security who don't pay the SS tax will have to pay a monthly premium for Part A. And Medicare Part B has ALWAYS included a monthly premium from the get-go (Medicare began in 1965). And BTW, states will pay the Medicare premiums, copays and deductibles for people with financial need under a program called QMB (Qualified Medicare Beneficiary). Only Medicaid which is based upon financial need is free. Medicaid and Medicare are two separate programs. Medicare for all? Don't know. I've had Medicare since June 2000 and a supplement. Between the two I have no out-of-pocket medical expenses so I'm satisfied. I doubt that the insurance companies would go for Medicare for all - they would fight it tooth and nail and pay big bucks to our dear Senators and Congressman to keep things just the way they are.

Donnie Doom

Nope, don't involve me in other people's medical problems. If I get sick I'll pay for it myself. If you get sick, that's your problem. On a side note: if you said that to me at a bus stop or something, I would punch you in the face.


supplemental insurance is not required. Medicare Advantage Plans (also called Medicare Part C) are plans offered by private health insurance companies that provide the same coverage as Medicare Part A and Part B and may include additional benefits. Corporations have even chipped away at Medicare after GW Bush sunk his teeth into that program while putting America trillions more in debt with two wars he lied us into.


The monthly premium is about $120 and there is a 20% copay. Because the reimbursements are relatively low many doctors don't accept it.


Yes and yes. I would rather pay the $7,500/year in premiums that I pay now towards a system that I might actually be able to still afford basic healthcare. Medicare is not free now. I don't support necessarily giving everyone free healthcare. I support a system based on a sliding care of affordability. Someone that is poor should not be denied healthcare and a single mom making $40k cannot afford the same $4k-8k deductible that a couple earning $100k/year might. We can do better and the solution is to meet in the middle between the GOP "give them nothing, even though we have great healthcare and bring back pre-existing conditions and make insurance CEOs rich so they donate to us" vs. the Dems "everything is free, take from the rich" - obviously there is a middle ground but since our fat a*s president that has only worked 1 hour a day the entire month of january won't reach across the table because Nancy Pelosi won't lick his limp, tiny member, then we will never have a solution. We will instead have a revolution because you can't keep making 80% of the country carry the weight of running the government while not making life a teensy bit better given the loopholes we've given so that billionaires and corporations pay so little in taxes that we can't even run effeciently. So yes. I don't give a crap about being a millionaire and I don't care if you are. I care that the cost of living is too high for 80% of the population and the jobs don't pay living wages - particularly now that we have to fund our own retirements and pay an undue burden in health care costs that can still make most of us bankrupt. A $6,000 deductible with a $15k out of pocket max makes one cancer diagnosis bankruptcy for the majority of the people. A billionaire can afford to give a little more for the welfare of the society he or she lives in and got their money from. To Regerugged: And Russia is a communist country that our President wants to be just like. People loved living under Stalin as much as they love Putin. That wall will keep you in just like Berlin. May you get a chronic disease and can't work before you decide you don't like Medicare. And may you have to work through vomiting through your chemo because you won't be able to afford to leave your job because they've destroyed the only other alternative. You lack imagination if you can't picture yourself destitute. No one can until they are and most people are just 3 paychecks away from losing everything.


Not. I am opposed to Medicare. It is socialism and should be phased out.