Trump says, “good chance I’ll use National emergency, to build the wall”. Like it or not, do you seriously think a wall won’t be built?

If the wall isn’t complete in my lifetime, I’m hoping to have my ashes made into a brick, and have the brick installed in the wall. All and all, I’d be just a brick in the wall.


Trump's blustering always seems to get him in trouble.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Here is a company that will do that for you.

New World Man

No f*!#ing way is he getting that wall. He screwed himself out of his idea - for starters waitting so long, moree importantly, mentioning it publically and repeativelyy, along with the wording - WHEN it is challenged in ccourt, no judge could rule in his favor, because he already made it clear there is no emergency, just a tactic to get around the standard process..

Fried Kitten

By that time illegals shall be crossing the Great Lakes from Canada as they crawl on thin ice.


I'll bet lower courts will challenge it, and it will be held up.


It will not be built during Trumps presidency If its built after that who knows Many Republicans in congress will vote to override his executive order if he tries it


No chance of a wall. The national emergency ruse will be shot down by the courts. However, it can be dragged out for months, giving Trump what he really wants, a rallying cry for his sheeple.


I seriously do. Because it's a waste of money. Logical people understand that wall is not gonna stop illegal immigrants. I don't respect that law to call them "illegal immigrants". America is full of people who come from all corners of the globe. You think that law makes you any less of a Mutt? American isn't an ethnicity, so it's funny how people act like it's a birthright to be here, even though their blood is Irish or some sh*t lol. We are Mutts, get over yourselves. Anyway it's just a wall. Have you ever trekked through miles upon miles of harsh desert? If someone can do that, you think a wall is gonna stop them? Climbing gear is a hell of alot cheaper and more effective than this wall. So it's a waste of money. And the government stops pretending that the president is in charge when he f*cks with their money.


trump will see a wall soon ... 4 of them


I think the courts would weigh in on it and block him. There is no emergency or crisis. 🎶All in all, Trump's a pr!ck with no wall.🎶 At Christmastime, Trump advised the American public that “our country is doing very well … We are securing our borders,” after tweeting two weeks before that, “Border Patrol and our Military have done a FANTASTIC job of securing our Southern Border …” What, then, supports the need for the use of extraordinary authorities in the name of an “emergency”? Trump is not helped in answering this question by his other, repeated public utterances on the subject. He and his spokespersons have repeatedly made false statements about the terrorists, drugs, human trafficking, and ordinary criminals crossing over into the United States on foot at the southern border. These claims have been debunked by fact-checking just about everywhere, including at his own State Department. So he starts off in a bad place when claiming legal authority to proclaim an emergency, having both bragged that he is doing quite well without one and then misrepresented the grounds that might exist for such a proclamation if he nonetheless decided to issue it. Courts will not fail to note the considerable evidence in the president’s public statements that he is looking to the national emergency as a tool to resolve a conflict with the Congress. He has said that one way or another, he is going to build the wall, and the shutdown was the first bare-knuckled maneuver to break the stalemate in congressional negotiations. Now he’s speaking of an emergency. It is, on its face, a negotiating gambit, apparently also a political rallying cry. But because he is treating the declaration of an emergency as a tactic, he has added considerably to his difficulties in having his “emergency” taken seriously by the courts. 🎶All in all, Trump's a pr!ck with no wall.🎶


Trump will have to illegally seize private property and tribal land at gunpoint. By the time he has started, he will be done.