Democrats & Liberals, do you plan to rely solely on threats and insults to win people over in 2020?



No, but logic and facts don't mean much to many people.


I think you got your answer. Look at all (SO CALL) insults that you already got. Funny how yes, if you do not believe in their utopia you are an uneducated.


No that’s just the republicans

Armchair Goddess #1

You are describing the childish spoiled-brat insecurity-driven actions of lifts-wearing self-loathing Donald Trump, "no name" (Troll farm?). Why would anyone with a brain and a decent upbringing ever want to behave like the malignantly narcissistic sociopath Trump?


When its all ya got its all ya got. "we are communists and we hate America and love criminals" there in a nutshell is the DNC platform.


Nope We don't act like Republicans Republicans do nothing but lie

New World Man

Truthfully - I know NO WAY is Trump getting my vote...Didn't like him last time around, he himself made it less likely because of the way I have SEEN him do the job....But getting back to the question, I really hope not, but both Ds and Rs seem to be great at that one (3rd party not so much). I really am tired of hearing why the opponent is so bad, for once how about why are you better... Also both seem to always get caught on one thing - by the time last one was over, Trump and Clinton both had me pretty annoyed because I was really tired of hearing about E-Mails, and Taxes.

Warren T


Lady Laissez Faire

They've been relying on that since 2004.


Nope policy, direction unlike the GOP

Concerned Citizen

As a conservative, my new years resolutions has been more memes and to own the libs. I've had a great start so far


These days Democrats don't rely on arguments, but by using violence to control the ground. Like Nazis were banned in Germany in 1945, Democrats should have been banned in 1865.