Do you believe as conservatives do there are no limits in the Second Amendment and how would you feel about open carry IEDs?

Make America like Iraq and Afghanistan. Cons could say "IEDs don't kill people, people kill people."


Open carry IED’s???? You realize how f@cking moronic that statement sounds to a guy who’s actually had to deal with IED’s in Iraq. You can make your point without retarded straw man arguments and idiotic comparisons


Look up the word "infringed" then you will understand.

Peter Miller

Clearly OP has never blown up a black powder pipe bomb in an abandoned query. Good childhood fun.

Thomas CNSRV

The 2nd Amendment has limits. I'm sure plenty of Liberal states would accept open carry for ied's. BTW, where did you purchase and register you I.E.D.??


I don't even think you know what a "IED" is! In the US if a person is caught with a IED at present they are tried for crimes they intend to commit. Sometimes those who use IED's have been successful such as in Boston a few years back or when a federal building got leveled. I for one have no problem with some one open carrying a IED, it makes a good target to shoot at to blow the terrorist up. The few people who conceal carry IED's are crazy and often don't plan on living long.


Strawman. A stupid one at that. Nobody has suggested there should be no limits to the 2nd Amendment.


cons should familiarize themselves with the scotus rulings concerning the 2 nd .


No, Cons would say that IEDs are not self defense weapons, therefore the 2nd Amendment doesn't apply.