Liberal Ralph Northam claims he put on blackface to look like Michael Jackson. Shouldn't he just beat it?

There are enough liberal bigot politicians without this guy


How many stupid things did you do 30 years ago?


There are plenty of reasons for this conservative not to vote for him. BUT!!! The elephant in this room isn't the blackface 35 years ago. It's our hateful, mindless rush to judgement. We don't improve society one scintilla by piling wood on this fire. Condemning someone has NEVER made the condemners more righteous. .

Armchair Goddess #1

Thirty-five years ago, a yearbook picture shows two medical school student graduates---one a male and the other not recognizable due to the white hood---photographed being insensitive and stupid. So what? What really matters is the here and now. What are the needs of the people in the state of Virginia? How competent is the current people-elected Democratic governor for fulfilling those needs and keeping the economy of Virginia strong? Is Ralph Northam still as foolish or stupid as he was 35 years ago regarding race relations? If not, then let's move on. If yes, then he needs to step down from power. But why throw the proverbial "baby" out with the bath water? Keep what is good, discuss and then eliminate anything that falls short. Governor Northam has stated he does not remember posing for that picture, which if true might mean there was some drinking going on as so often happens at med school parties once the note services are done and the tests are passed. Should Northam be given any less leniency for one single 35-year-old dumb deed than long-term drunkard and misogynistic Brett Kavanaugh got from the GOP during the Judiciary Committee hearings? I say let the guy show what good he can do for his state and his people before making judgements over past mistakes. If in his first term as Governor, he falls short, then vote him out of power.


Everyone wasn't a snowflake back then, people actually dressed up in costumes or as celebrities etc and had fun with it, to honour them often. Clevon Little wore a klan robe in Blazing Saddles, the Wayans boys wore white face in white chicks, there was a famous doc Black like me etc. Context is everything with stuff like this and right now, there's no context.


I am going to beat it shortly, but no blackface unless the porn actors are black.


I'm pretty sure that if a Republican governor got caught in something like this the media would be covering it differently.

Forrest Smock

He should resign

Philip H

But Michael Jackson ended up looking like a white woman. He must be mistaken. That is likely since he can't remember why he claimed to be in the photo but later his memory of that event failed him.

Jake No Chat

Yes, with that lame excuse, he should just step aside.


He should resign.

Christian sinner

You sure said the truth about that! Liberal bigot politicians


Liberals are trying to expand abortion to include new born babies. Liberals are evil worthless soulless scum of the Earth. They deserve to die.