If Facebook went down suddenly and permanently, would the world be better off?

Without Facebook, we'd see less invasions of privacy in our lives, people actively interacting with others more, people spending less time on screen time, less fake news spreading around, etc. There are other places and other companies that could use the advertising money if Facebook disappeared.

Isaiah Berry

but there tik tok and tik tok is the cancer of society


Maybe the world would be better off if facebook never existed to start with, but now that it's here, it would be quite disruptive to just disappear. I think most people at this point understand how facebook makes money, and understand that they are giving up some of their privacy by sharing information on facebook. A lot of companies pay to advertise on facebook, because it produces favorable results. These companies have employees who may depend on the revenue generated from advertising on facebook. Facebook itself has over 22,000 employees, who would be out of a job. They also numerous numerous stockholders. A lot of people would be out of a lot of money if that stock became worthless.


most certainly but the companies advertising on facebook would take a big hit