If you believe you are better than someone else based on their skin color, aren’t you a racist?

Aren’t you pre judging a person, if you assume they are the same as everyone else from their belief group? I’m flabbergasted, I thought most people would agree. But you don’t, and I’m really puzzled, because just 20 years ago, only predjudice/racist would disagree, or try to put me down. As a conservative, I judge people as individuals based on their character. Are you saying that’s no longer correct? Ive lived by this rule all my life. How can I be wrong?


Obviously it's called racism. Why do you ask such stupid questions? I myself a Conservative, but you're the same moron [who I doubt is a Conservative] who asks "der shudnt ppl hoo have this uhpin-yin be put on deth row?"


If you go to South Africa and you are warned not to go to certain area's (Black area's) is that racist...or do you go of like a spoilt,blinkered idiot.


It's all karma. We can't stop it. May all around up be so well and peaceful.