Is the electoral college outdated, since a votes can easily be counted with modern communication?

In 2000 and 2016 the EC gave us inferior Republicans for President,and both right-wing amateurs slowed down the economy and messed up foreign policy. No one knows what the world would have been like with Gore or Clinton, but it would have been better.


The Electoral College is the one feature of American Democracy adopted directly from Ancient Greece- namely the Lycian Confederacy, which assured each state had an equal vote. It is as valid today as it as 2000 years ago. Without it NY and California would determine who is President, with 48 other states and tens of millions of votes nullified.


The EC reacts to actual voter data in each district of each state. If you knew this and why, you wouldn't post nonsense. The EC was structured so that 2 states by example ( CA & NY ) with the mass majority of populations and being politically one sided would not make political decisions on what they call "popular vote" for the rest of the nation. The EC allows Wyoming by example as much input to elections as California. The problem is simple to see...CA & NY liberals hate this.


No it's not. The electoral collage makes certain that large population states don't take over and control the nation. It gives the smaller states a say in how the nation should be governed.

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What world are you living in? You are unaware of the massive level of prosperity we are in right now? The next time we have a Democratic President, this country is going to go down the toilet. The electoral college is needed to keep NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles from running the country forever. Just like Hunger Games.


What do you think the electoral college has to do with how the vote is counted. You should find out what you are talking about before posting questions.


It IS outdated but the only time people raise the problem is when one candidate gets the popular vote and the other gets the electoral vote. Both parties have raised the issue when they lost. Some states divide the electors proportionately to the votes. This is a big step toward fairness. The problem is that "states" are artificial entities. People are not. OTOH, our "modern communication" can be hacked.


Would need the 'investigated' carefully ......................................

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It is also outdated, because we no longer have slaves. Allowing rich men to vote for the poor is an outdated concept.