Where do i belong politically?

These are my beliefs: - Capitalist - pro-gun - anti-communist and anti-socialist - I am for the wall and believe dems allow illegal immigration because illegals will vote democrat - I want strict immigration laws - i want birthright citizenship overturned - don't give a **** about abortion... do what you want - don't give a **** about Gays or trannies - Believe we should End the Fed - against trophy hunting - environmentalist - want marijuana legalized - i smoke on the reg - believe healthcare is a privilege, not a right - I am also anti-war and hate both neocons & neolibs who push for endless wars in the Middle east, Africa, and South America that does not benefit America. No more blood for oil. Am i Republican? I also don't believe Russia 'hacked the election'. That is bullshit. I believe Trump won because the AMERICAN people voted for him. Everyone were sick of political correctness and insane Democrat policies. I believe he will win in 2020, as well. Dems are still insane and not for Americans.. I'm asking because I was told i speak like a Libertarian.

Big One 0909

Libertarian Leaning Republican. Rand Paul would agree with you about 95% of the time. Kinda like Me.


Republican/conservative. Or Libertarian.


closer to republican than democrat I would say. I consider myself a conservative but I don't care about the marijuana issue. I also probably conserve more on a daily basis than leftists do weekly and could probably run circles around them in science

Emothic Von Hellsing

Republican Centrist. Since you disagree with Democrats, you vote republican. However your political views in different topics show both Conservative and Liberal views so that makes you a Centrist. Majority of Americans are centrists. Correction: As I read over your post again I was slightly wrong. You are still a Republican Centrists, but you are not a right leaning centrists. You are a left leaning/liberaltarian centrists. As you have far more left leaning views then right.


Libertarian, reichwing branch.


Well just by believing Russia didn't interference with the election says you are lunatic fringe on the right


No party represent your views. But none of us are, over time you will see you will start to align yourself with other republicans views too. That comes with experience for most. No one starts perfectly aligned with every major platform of any party. But you fit most closely with republicans. If you are militantly against immigrants, then you really fit with the new trumpian republican which is partly racist. In term she if major ideologies, you aren't a pure conservative, not a pure liberal, not a libertarian because of strong anti immigrant view. I haven't read anything specific that will disqualify you to be a classic liberal. But from the tone of your question it seems you are nit that either. For example do you believe in absolute freedom of speech, and are ok with society turning socialist, taking away your guns. If all is done democratically with periodic chance for people to correct or change their views? If that's describes your view, you are a classical liberal. As for party, you chose republican. It suits you more in it spresemt trumpian avatar. But even otherwise you are closest to them.


Lean right, I share your stances on most of those.


Oath Keeper LOL

Never Polled

You sound like an AMERICAN to me.

Meerkat Uno

Good grief. I can't believe you'd have to ask this. You sure as heck aren't a Democrat.