Why aren't people mad at Rachel Dolezal for trying to be a real blackface ?



Psychos get a pass. Liberals accept them as their own.

Christian sinner

I guess I missed why I should care. If she is not black but wants people to think she is black, she sounds insecure, crazy, but there are a lot of crazy people. Should we be angry about them too? The Democrats are full of crazy people who want to kill newborns legally. That sounds more important to me. I wonder what the plan is to get rid of racism? When will the world become completely unoffensive to Democrats?


She's old news. People were pissed about it.

Justin Thyme

She was confused. Typical liberal.


They were.

The Lord Humungus.

You mean the woman who nobody actually knows outside of Fox News viewers? Yeah, that is just like a sitting governor.


I don't know, but since she "identifies as black", and she fooled people into thinking she was black, did she have white privilege???