Aren't socialist politicians just selfish? Free this - free that while hoping their supporters never get it?

Free is simple - if 100% of all of it from beginning to end is donated...then it's free. But --- it isn't and it never is and someone always has to pay. As far as a leftist socialist thinks, as long as someone else does. That is the problem.


no and it's contards who think democratic socialists want free stuff You embarrassed yourself with this stupid question

Mike L

So being selfish is now defined by giving things to people... weird.

Armchair Goddess #1

Unpaid for tax cuts for the absolute richest few as of December 2017: free money to people already filthy rich, but given at taxpayers' expense and at the expense of our economic revenues for needed programs. Do you even know what "socialist" means? Here in the U.S., where we are by founding fathers' deliberate design a representative democratic republic that has a government which is OF, BY, and FOR THE PEOPLE, our own nation is and has always been a Yin-Yang balance between capitalism (for profit, privately owned) and socialism (taxpayer funded, taxpayer owned), and we function strongest when this crucial balances is protected and preserved. In the 1990s, the domestic-terrorist Koch brothers' network of Ayn Rand libertarian billionaire bullies began their spoiled-brat war on the U.S. government, seeking to get rid of the socialist part of our balance system---the part that provides oversight, rules or regulations for out-of-control greedy-gut corporations or corporate bosses, consumer and worker protections. To learn the details of this right-wing effort to undermine the "representative" part of our we, the people, government and all-out war on the Constitution's assigned duties for Congress, read the alarming 2017 book by Jane Mayer: "DARK MONEY: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right." Part of the Koch/Heritage Foundation-funded propaganda when a hugely popular Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton entered the race for President was to repeatedly attack the majority party (Democrats) as "tax-and-spend Liberals" (implying that being liberal is somehow "bad") and then always script the word "liberal" next to the word "media" to bully the media ever further toward the right-wing side of the Koch-funded political spectrum. TAX AND SPEND, we were called by the Gingrich-backed propaganda team, as though this is somehow bad for America. The Democratic National Committee should have countered with something like, "Of course we Democrats tax proportionately, with the richest 1.5% paying more, but we then spend those tax dollars on you, on all of you---the American people---for better roads or highways, for better public schools, for maintaining and building new infrastructure, for funding our much needed social safety nets that operate on the principle that a chain (the nation, a community or city) can only be a strong as its weakest link. Bill Clinton, a Democrat, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) successfully BALANCED THE BUDGET, which means there was no deficit when President Clinton left office. Speaker Pelosi always insists on having the "PAY-GO" policy in place for every piece of legislation passed that requires that anything requiring spending has to be offset by cutting the same amount or more from elsewhere in the budget. Barack Obama, using this same PAY-GO Pelosi rule, was able to take the Republican-caused deficit from 2001-2008 GOP rule that had mushroomed to more than 10.6% of our GDP after Bill Clinton's balanced budget and huge $362 BILLION surplus from taxing the wealthiest elites at a revenues-producing 39% and get the GOP-caused deficit down by more than one-half to 5.2% by December 2012, the end of his first very productive nation-saving term. Are the unpaid-for-tax-cut billionaires socialists?


I think we should BRING BACK the pre Reagan era fed tax rates on corporations and the rich . the pendulum has swung to far in favor of the rich . it's time for the peasants to storm the bastille .

Atheist Dude

Some are.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

All this does is show you can't even grasp their ideology.


Buying votes happens all the time ................................

Dogstar Ascendant

Maybe that's why there isn't a single socialist politician in an elected position in the US.

Trump 304, Hillary 227, suk it

Politicians like 0casio-Cortez aren't selfish, they're too stupid to realize that nothing is free, it all needs to be paid for, and they apparently never heard of Venezuela.

Christian sinner

Always Utopia with them. As if every problem in the history of Man would be solved if only the people would want socialism. I read a few publications of theirs. I know what they sing. I think selfishness is only a small part of the problem. I think socialism is just pre-communism and fascism. You cannot tell the government it is wrong with socialism unless you want to be killed. With the USA, you can tell the government it is wrong without being killed for it. Why change it if it works.