Why didn't liberals complain about the rapper wearing a fur coat during the Super Bowl half time show?

Lol @ Rocks and Garbage, you are afraid of the black man and BLM. You cower before the black man.


You are correct, why aren't they, where is Peta?


Oh my god this is so true


I was wondering the same thing. Answer, liberals are afraid to confront blacks, especially rappers that could kick their little wimpy asses.

Mike L

It was fur/hair from aborted babies.


because they have better things to do than bother with sports


Who ever watches half time shows?


eww,black flush it down.


Glad you enjoyed the show, bïtch.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Why not go ask PETA? Here is the problem with most of your questions. You're a moron who thinks there is some liberal agenda that all liberals are programmed with by the liberal conspiracy. You live in a bubble of television.