English people do you find it sad that Ireland is partitioned along religious lines caused by your ancestors?

I mean if it wasn't for your ancestors the Irish might be united in peace and harmony no dead British soilder civllians or Irish cillians during the troubles that could been all avoided. They pelted us with rock dnd garbage when have I ever said that Ulster Protestants were not Irish. USA could have done a beter job at holding on to all of Ireland then the UK totally ran away after 1921.

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My ancestors were Irish, but I don't like making excuses. I noticed your use of the term "might be united in peace". "Might" makes your whole point moot. It's time to stop blaming others from the past for current tensions.


Not an excuse for continuing as they are....

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

I find it sad you blame the English for your religious bigotry. You basically chose to define all protestants as not being Irish. Oh and Ireland is only "one country" because England conquered them. They weren't one country before the conquest. Like India, you should be thanking them for making you into one modern country.


I only wish Ireland were united by Brexit, then this whole process would have been a lot easier!


No. Because they are just Irish.


nope .............................

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no. the conquest of Ireland was necessary to stop the incessant invasions of Wales, England, and Scotland by the Irish. that this is the result was caused by the Catholic Irish and we aren't going to lament our ancestors acting to protect us