Lemme get this straight: I am called "pro Birth, not Pro Life" because I don't believe MY wealth should be confiscated to raise YOUR baby?

Pelted: How are babies starving unless you are admitting what a rfailure Snap and WIC are?


Forced birth. Pro life means all life. You let 20,000 children under the age of 5 die every day from starvation and easily curable disease

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

If you're for babies starving, then you can't call yourself prolife because you aren't 'for life" at all. How about we call you something like "anti-abortion" which is the actual truth? h right, you're a liar by nature.


Nope, because you only care about “your wealth”(that is so hilarious), not the human life you pretend to value. If you support the wars and guns, then you are definitely not pro-life.


So you are for letting kids born into extreme poverty live on the street begging for food, like they do in 3rd world countries? If not then what is your alternative? Unfortunately people have kids who probably shouldn't, that's been happening for 1000's of years. At some point you have to decide as a society the best way to deal with kids living in extreme poverty.


Just pay your damn taxes and be thankful we have a safety net in this country. What would you have poor mothers do, drown their kids in a bathtub? Abandon them? Retroactively keep their legs closed??? I am a conservative, and I generally like your posts. When you don't go full retard.

Jerome: Using your logic. Lemme get this straight

Using your logic. Lemme get this straight: I am called anti American not real American because I don't believe MY taxes should be confiscated to build YOUR wealth? Your wealth is going to compensate someone's elses baby anyway? ALL MEN pay for sex. Directly or indirectly.


Pretty much. Anti abortion advocates are only against abortion because it’s no fun being a rich person when there are no starving babies to watch suffer. They like to know there is an endless supply of desperate workers who will fight over their tax deductible scraps that they call “charity.”


Is that a question? As long as you are against abortion, by hats off to you.

Moon Shot

Yup. They think pro life means you support people relying on the state. Funny republicans are not advocating for killing kids after they are born. Yet democrats say being pro life means being pro birth only. Democrats are retarded