Amazing how anti Trumpers feed off some nonsensical CNN golf time Trump spends, yet nothing came close to what Obama did, care to explain? C'mon anti Trumpers, what's next on the idiocy list you want to spew? No right wing publication says what "the bible of golfing magazines" said.

SMH Corp

Care to explain how an article from two years ago - before Trump's inauguration, no less - has any effect on the legitimacy of talk of Trump's time spent golfing? Because Obama's 306 rounds in 8 years is still more than Trump's 169 days at a golf club - with Trump only being two years in. Of course, I don't see you saying anything about that.

Alexander: Trump Golf Count

Trump Golf Count: 156* (2/3/2019) Cost to Taxpayer: About $87,000,000 *Daytime visits to golf clubs since inauguration, with evidence of playing golf on at least 72 visits. Total times Obama played golf during his eight year Presidency: 306

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Notice how when Republicans make this argument, they compare eight years to one year?


it's funny when trumptards think liberals all watch cnn and think those that do watch it like it's the word of god when trumptards worship every word that comes from Trump, Fox, Brietbart and anything from con-media.

Justin Thyme

Just ignore them.


CNN is fake news

The Game

cnn feeds the retarded and they gobble it up

Doc Awesome

Obama spent more time on the golf course than working! That's hypocritical of them.