Has an American president ever expressed such effusive warmth for a totalitarian mass murderer?

Trump on Kim Jong Un: "We have a fantastic chemistry. We have had tremendous correspondence that some people have seen and can't even believe it. They think it's historic."


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Not that I recall. In some cases we backed mass murderers (Sadam Hussein and Stalin are two) because they were against the same enemy. Effusive praise wasn't there though


like how billary and obamy full heartedly embrassed abortion the mass murder of fetui

Deplorable and Proud

He's trying to be diplomatic. Do you think we would have better relations with north Korea if Trump was harsh and insulting instead?




very doubtful. The gushing was a bit disgusting.

Atheist Dude

Yes, and he no more mass murder than Hillary .


Nothing wrong with abortion

The Game

most democrat presidents have through their gleeful support of abortion


It's amusing that you are unable to discern diplomatic rhetoric from heartfelt belief. Trump uses this insincere flattery to smooth diplomatic efforts. OTOH, there was no diplomatic benefit when Obama called petty despot Chavez his "amigo" or when Obama (amongst many other liberals and left wingers) praised the Castros and Che, or when Obama volunteered to be more flexible with his BFF Putin.

The Oracle of Omigod

Complimenting an adversary gives a skilled negotiator a bridge to build a consensus from. Observe Trump's results, not his words. IF we can bring NK into the world of nations with trust, the world will be a much better place.


Can Trump do nothing right for you? Trump has a ton of faults and weaknesses. Negotiating is NOT one of them. Trump has got Fatboy Kim to the negotiating table. Missiles are not flying over South Korea and Japan. Trump has made far more progress with North Korea than Obama or any other President. He did it Reagan-style, calling them out, letting them know we will talk or we will punch, and the choice is yours. So Trump spit out some feel-good rhetoric. In no way does that support the North Korean regime. It's merely setting up for the negotiating table. Trump deserves much criticism but his foreign policy work with North Korea has been a success.


It comes from envy.

Big One 0909

A year ago he called him "Little Rocket Man" When will YOU learn how trump gets things done? He has the dialog open with the Norks. Something NO OTHER POTUS has been able to do.