Why did liberals want Travis Scott and Maroon 5 to perform super bowl halftime show instead of Metallica or Pearl Jam?

Both Metallica and Pearl Jam offered to perform at the super bowl halftime show, but liberals wanted that trashy rapper Travis Scott and Maroon 5 instead

Doc Awesome

Democrat dudes find the lead singer of Maroon 5 sexy. Kinda like they also (secretly) do Tom Brady.


Why was it OK for the black guy to wear a fur coat?


Liberals did? You have a source that shows that?


Probably a Roger Goodell decision, who is anything but a liberal. Most half time shows try to appeal to the under 30 crowd, most of whom probably do not even know who Metallica or Pearl Jam are.


"The Liberals" do not decide who performs at the Super Bowl or any other NFL event. The NFL makes that decision. The NFL is not a liberal organization.


Very mediocre Super Bowl performance both the game and the halftime show. Trump's Super Bowl interview was more interesting than both.


why do cons constantly lie about liberals?

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

That was the liberals making those decisions? Sounds like someone was smart enough to not pick two old man bands. They already have fat white guys sewn up in the viewing audience. You know, the type of middle aged guys who think Metallica is still rebellious, rather than the thirty year old sound track you use to sell SUVS to people with three kids.