Do you believe Democrats should decide whose wealth and how much to confiscate?



No, Democrats/communists shouldn't have that kind of power.


Democrats are demonizing the wealthy like Hitler demonized the Jews to gin up the masses to give him power. Many idiots love the idea of something for nothing and sticking it to the rich at the same time.


If you confiscate the assets of the wealthy you won't have anything to confiscate next year.

Spock (rhp)

they can't. Violates the "takings" clause of the Constitution


No, their whole "redistribution" platform is just another one of their tax and spend ideas. They always feel that the govt knows best how to use your money.


The richest people around are luberals. lets take their money.


Whether I do or not THEY obviously believe THEY can decide - and THIS is what matters. Of course, I can't buy into the notion that forcefully taking others' property can be justified or be considered the right thing to do. There are enough historical models of this (and, recently, Venezuela) to allow understanding how this work and the predictable outcome - but those that wish to believe this is the way to go will simply ignore history.

Doc Awesome

No, I think that all taxes should be voluntarily. That would be true democracy.


i'd trust them to do that before any con

Mike L

With the help of the Republicans, that'd be great. It's called governing.


lol, That's a really funny way to try to justify that the biggest hand out for handouts, in HISTORY, is Republicans increasing spending and cutting taxes. No Democrat EVER wanted to borrow as much as W Bush signed into law in 2008, for 2009. It remains the largest amount any nation has ever borrowed in a year, despite inflation, and the fact that it happened ten years ago.


Sure, the Democrats are more likely to protect the 99%.