In order to make decisions based on facts, has Pelosi ever visited the border..ever visited border agents, ICE or a single angel parent?

@Mercuri...if she actually made the trip, she went to the most secure most impenetrable best staffed point of entry in the entire border. How about parts of Texas, AZ, etc where what is a border is nothing more than a rickety aluminum barrier my 80 year old mother could climb over. And other places where a simple cattle guard fence exists.


Pelosi makes regular trips to support the security of American citizens. Her last trip was blocked by President Trump.


she scares you guys in the Russia GRU . you know she is going to impeach trump .


She does not need the “opinions” of people “on the ground”, to know the facts. For instance, the “fact” that Republicans refused to give Chump funding for his walls when they had total control of Congress. If McKochnell had “put American safety” before his political career, he would have gone “nuclear” and overrode the Democrat filibuster.


Yes, she has. Thanks for asking.


Nope, never has.

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I've never visited the Sun. I still know that it's hot.

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If she did, if, who when and where were be predetermined. Kind of like "Undercover Boss", "The Housewives", "WWE" and the nightly news..

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Wait a minute. I am still trying to wrap my brain around her making a decision based on Facts.


Donald Trump has told over 8000 bold faced lies in his first two years of office, is corrupt and is apparent traitor. All my common sense tells me he is not to be trusted, and that whatever he wants is not good for the country and that his only motivation for wanting it is likely criminal and treasonous. On the other hand, I choose to instead of believing Trump to rather believe people of good character who have been public servants a good chunk of their lives and who are known to speak honestly. In summary, Trump is a very bad person, and everything he wants should be opposed outright......


Nah, she doesn't care. She cares more about being popular in Snowflake Land, than for being one elected by the people to serve the people .


don't bother her with the facts, her mind is already made-up .................................

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Ha Ha Ha


Pelosi and Schumer have also blown off numerous invitations to meet with the owners and occupants of border properties .


Glorify yourself, only people that agree with you pay any attention. Useless question. The differences between the Democrat plan and the Republican plan about immigration and border are significant, but you are not willing to consider the differences. Democrats want a plan for the entire millions of people that are in the country now, and a primary focus on the crossing points where the vast majority of activity occurs. The Republicans want to focus on the areas of desert and mountains and ignore who is in the country.