Are republicans upset that Trump will force Supreme court to ban abortions?

Why do you think Trump wanted Kavanaugh in the judges seat? When Trump bans abortions-This will help democrats win in 2024 , then Trump can walk away a happy man. im getting a lot of good vibes on my feed with this. what do you think?


The Supreme Court will not ban abortions. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion laws will be returned to the states.


I think you are completely wrong - but you are parroting what some of the more extreme left media is claiming. It is, of course, always easier to adopt a popular point of view (in this case in the media you ascribe to) and conform rather than evaluate things honestly.


President Trump has to order the Democrat Party be outlawed! The Democrats are the party of treason, crime, drugs, pedophilia, abortion, transsexual crimes against children, terrorism, human trafficking, and so much more!

The Game

Most idiotic question ever

Christian sinner

Trump doesn't tell the Supreme Court what to do. If you know of a sitting US president that told any Supreme Court what to do, let me know. I would be very interested in that story.

Godless Gazoo

He can't force them to do anything dumbass.


Trump has no control over what the supremes do once they are seated.


Trump cannot force the Supreme Court to ban anything. You are as delusional as Trump can be.


No, I'm not upset that you have these foolish delusions about what Trump will do.

The Oracle of Omigod

Based on the popularity of people who would be called Socialists ten years ago, this country is going down the tubes in either two or six years. Young Americans have no idea of what Socialism is.

SMH Corp

Trump cannot force the Supreme Court to do anything. Any attempt to do so would rightly be seen as a totalitarian move, contrary to the independence of the judiciary.


This will make all women upset and force republican party into hibernation for centuries. republicans lost already..its all over.