Is it time to legalize sex work?

Lower STD rates, lower murder rates, and lower drug addiction rates from keeping sex workers off the streets.


I'm a Libertarian. Everything should be legal that does not infringe on someone else's rights. All vice should be legal and regulated (and taxed): prostitution, gambling, all drugs, etc.


I live in Nevada. It is a legal business outside of urban areas by a county choice and highly regulated about STD testing, security, and money tracking. It is a debatable issue about people's rights versus society as it does lead to sex trafficking, organized crime funding, spread of STDs, robberies, underage prostitution. Nevada decided to keep it illegal in cities as it could not be properly controlled and regulated. It still occurs, but not legally. Canada had much looser laws, where "price discussion" in public or advertising was illegal, but any sex between consenting adults was legal. I would have to look up current status because they have added more regulation. This is one without easy answers, but is a topic of discussion after other more pressing issues. Loosening marijuana laws and immigration reform are far more in focus now.

Spirit of All

No, it’s better if they learn the hard way.


Yes. Legalise and regulate like any other business.


Except AIDS infestation remains strong in Gay Liberal Communities

Atheist Dude

No that will make it worse


Of course it is


Europe for all intensive purposes have full legislated into law the right for Prostitutes to work legally. They have weekly medical exams and pay tax on their income. It also in some countries offers them a union of sorts. As a Police Officer. I have no negative comment on that being arranged into law. It would clean up the industry. And cut out large activities carried on my criminal activity.


That is up to the states.


Legalize, regulate, tax. As long as all participants are of legal age and consent, things should be ok.

jack of all trades: Just one more question

Just one more question: Why is it illegal to sell something you can give away?


they have already and they are called escorts


It is legal federally. I can drive 40 miles to legal brothels.


Yes! My friend was murdered when a man found out she was born male. He beat her to death. That was 1994.


No. Reason is Morals.....

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

And not a shred of evidence to support your claims of these alleged benefits, but quite a bit of evidence to support that legal sex work increases human trafficking, as it has in every single European country which has legalized it.


Liberals want to legalize and normalize all the filthy things of the world.