How can we expel leftists and their beliefs out of America?

I am a conservative American patriot. I can not stand for leftist beliefs anymore like pro choice or lgbt rights. We need to find a way to expel them and ban their beliefs from our great nation to ensure peace, freedom and opportunity for all happen.

Moon Shot

Through democracy and education we can relegate them to the dustbins of history

the internet

Yes, maybe, but what if it turns out that there are slightly more of them then of us? Would they then expel us? Where would we go? Is there still room in mexico? Why not let them lgbt all they want, they won't produce children anyway and thus that problem should be solved within a generation. And if they pro choose themselves to death while we don't, then that problem will also solve itself after some generations.


You sound exactly like a left-wing troll pretending to be a conservative.


you mean like Hitler did? the masks are coming off hey? lol rolf

Leon Scott

America was great when it was 90/100 white, it's a question of demographics not politics. And if you think the problem is politics, more than 90/100 of blacks vote for democrats and 70/100 of Hispanics vote for democrats, and the Hispanics who don't vote for democrats are the white, or almost white, ones like Cubans for example.


Peace, freedom, and opportunity for ALL. After talking about banning and expellling. First off who are you? Or think you are? Second what makes you American and/or patriot? I want to hear it. I will wait.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

You? How about you just sit on your couch and whine about being such a loser all day. That sure seems to be working.

Spirit of All

You aren’t a real American. You are just a fraud playing patriotic. A real American voices their views and tolerates opposition despite strong disagreeing with them. A real American doesn’t seek to destroy their neighbors rights. A real American shows compassion for the less fortunate and seeks to raise them up. A real American doesn’t seek to eliminate rights because they disagree with them. If you try to expel me from my country the second amendment will be included in the discussion. Got it?

Dreaded Rear Admiral

You're a leftist troll ... and not a good one, either.


Do what Stephen paddock and Adam Lanza did except do it to non whites and leftists.

Doc Awesome: Expose them for who they are

Expose them for who they are: National Socialists.