Why couldn’t Christine Ford recall a single thing about her alleged assault that could be verified?

Like the date, location, who was there, how she got there, how she got home?


her own father said she was lying, had multiple abortions too.


It is so obvious when dems pull an actor outta theirAsses at the most opertune time.


She was coached and made it all up.



The Game

because lying ain't easy, she lied, then, she is lying now

pit bulls bite

she was a shill planted by democrats to disrupt kavanaughs appointment

Doc Awesome

The assault on Kavanaugh was all about optics, not facts. It was meant to cast shade on his character not gain justice for a victim. Ford's victimhood was all about identity politics and politically-motivated posturing.

Big One 0909

The same reason Senator Hirono said "men neeed to Shut Up and Women need to be believed" She made the whole thing up!

John M

Because she wasn't there.


Because if she would’ve provided any details it could have been proven that she was lying. You can’t prove somebody’s lying without details.


She's a lying skank.


Because she is traumatized.


perhaps if trump had let the FBI interview her they may have been able to verify . why did he stop them ?


Probably because it was a made up event that was scripted solely to derail BKs scotus confirmation. She lied.

Armchair Goddess #1

Why is the fact that Piscean Brett Kavanaugh, the only child of a powerful woman and wealthy parents, chose to engage in spoiled-rotten bad behaviors all though his privileged rich-kid Georgetown High School years, and then went on to behave just as criminally and misogynistic in his law school years still bugging you right-wing people? The country club where a very young (under-age) 15-year-old Christine Blasey practiced her diving and also went swimming was cited by name as the place where she'd been just before being invited to a party at the house of a Georgetown student she named in the summer of 1994. A party held at the house of this Blasey-named fellow in June 1994 was handwritten on Kavanaugh's "events calendar" and the lady sex-crimes prosecutor that the all-white-male Republicans on the Judiciary Committee brought in to avoid looking bad for the cameras when questioning a female professor assault victim is the one who got Kavanaugh to verify this entry in his own handwriting. When Kavanaugh was asked by this prosecutor what "brewskis" meant, he admitted it meant beers, so the detail by Professor Blasey-Ford about being handed a beer when she got to the house where the party was being held was also true. There was a designation Kavanaugh wrote several times next to his name when communicating with his football team party-hearty school pals: "FFFFF"...but before the lady prosecutor the GOP hired could zero in on the meaning, Senator Lindsey Graham, on cue, rose up to intervene and do a pretend hissy fit decrying the inquiry, and Chuck Grassley ordered the woman prosecutor hustled out of the hearing---and probably out of the building entirely, because she was about to expose the lies under oath of witness Kavanaugh, and she was too close to the truth that indeed there was an attempted rape by a drunken Brett Kavanaugh and his equally drunk friend Mark Judge (see Judge's book, "Wasted: Tales of a Generation X Drunk" that the GOP refused to subpoena). By the way, for your enlightenment on all things Kavanaugh: The "FFFFF" used by Kavanaugh described how he and his "guys" (the football team at Georgetown) treated the girls from the private schools they invited to their parties: "Find them, French them, Finger them, Fu*k them, Forget them." What I find quite ironic in the whole GOP hiding from the truth about Kavanaugh thing is that he is a Pisces, and the only son of a woman who worked her way up from teacher to lawyer to judge. A Pisces tends to be influenced strongly by their peer group, wanting to impress and be "the best" at whatever debauchery or whatever else behaviors that peer group might find appealing. The newest peer group for confirmed Justice Kavanaugh sits him between two high-powered women---former Harvard Dean Elena Kagan (who once hired Kavanaugh and mentored him) and our beloved powerhouse woman Ruth Bader Ginsberg, so the GOP might think they have a "lock" on Kavanaugh as a criminally partisan right-wing zealot, but my educated guess would be that the "boofing" alcoholic Kavanaugh (which means shoving the booze up one's rectum and is referred to in Kavanaugh's writings as something he did) will be moved more to the moderate middle, since Chief Justice John Roberts cares very deeply about the legacy of his Court, and has broken with the radicalized domestic-terrorist right-wing to offer the 5th vote (5-4 decisions) for marriage equality and for ruling the Affordable Care Act to be constitutional.

The Oracle of Omigod

Recalled memories are about as accurate as dreams.


Phony claims from the start. That is why the courts ordered her to pay Brett Kavanaugh's legal fees.


she did why was her mic cut off?