If the left claim to support freedom of choice, why are they against us owning guns?


Thunderous Barbarian

My guess is because they are hypocritical assholes.

Mjolnir: The only choices the left supports are

The only choices the left supports are: 1. Killing unborn babies 2. Anything related to sexual deviancy 3. Picking a gender 4. Demanding others use your preferred pronouns 5. To not have to be subjected to ideas or concepts they disagree with.


The left support a safe and sane society, not one that any crazy person can buy guns (because of no background check) and then use them to shoot a bunch of innocent people. The left do support freedom, but freedom has its limits. Freedom does not allow anyone to build or possess bombs nor does it allow people to beat their wives.


Nearly 55% of Americans voted for Democrats last election......is this the "left" that you demonizing?