OUCH. GM. Cutting 4000 jobs. This country was told Obama saved Detroit. GM and Chrysler alike. He gave stewardship to the UAW over GM.?

When it was more then evident. 25 years and more of bad decisions made on car models no one wanted to buy. So we are now going to hear. Trumps business plan is falling apart. GM sales are strong in the Trucks Division and the Cadillac Division. Corvette and SUV sales are strong. So why is GM eliminating so many from the work force.

Spirit of All

All this under Trump


The problem is how many Japanese and other country vehicles do you see on the roads? I've noticed that liberals biitch the most about GM lay offs while they drive Honda's most of their lives..


it's 14,000 jobs and all Trump's fault His trade-wars are to blame. He is a disastrous failure of a president

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The job cuts and plant closings are part of ongoing cost reductions to free up $6 billion annually to invest in a new generation of autos, such as electric and self-driving vehicles LOL libs and their "green cars" are costing jobs,....oops

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You are worried more about what Obama told the country than the 400k Americans being out of work? THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I AM THE WAY I AM. This bs is so commplace in Cons. Like you really give a fcuk about other Americans.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Trump The loss of these jobs are a direct result of Trump's trade wars and tax cuts. They're using the tax cut money to pay off elderly workers who they cut bad deals with.

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obama lied