Liberals, Drag Queen Story Hour? You support this insanity? Why??????????


Do theatrical makeup and costumes offend you?

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Who else is willing to show up and read to kids besides Creepy-Republican pervert guy? Some dude in a silly costume reading during story time. Sorry to trigger you, snowflake. Which triggers you more, the drag queen or the library?

Spirit of All

More than conservatives teaching children to eatthe body and drink the blood of someone. Listen I am afraid of DQs but I don’t judge.


I'd rather have someone like that around than a contard trump supporter have you ever even read a book?


I support his right to do it, as much as I support the right of a preacher to preach. It is free speech that does not advocate violence. You don't have to watch or listen. I did not. I remember that as a TV show and not an actual classroom.


As I have stated here time and time again, LIBERALS DO NOT THINK. They have been INDOCTRINATED to accept every perversion the leftists can dream up. The everyday liberals are not evil. They are simply MINDLESS. There is ZERO reason to acquiesce to the vulgar needs of the homosexuals and the gay transvestites. They want to be around children. Why? TAKE a GUESS!!!!!! The next liberal frontier is the NORMALIZATION of PEDOPHILIA. This is just the beginning.

Saut de Chat

There's nothing about drag that is inappropriate for children.