Should America switch to a school voucher system like Sweden (the left's model country) has? Will competition save education?



What could be worse than what we have now? A president who can't spell. Americans who can't get their they're-their-there-s right. And who couldn't find France on a map to save their lives.


I support a voucher system as a means to escape the failing public school system .


Funny, I thought Venezuela was the “left’s model country” according to the trolls on this forum.

Trump 304, Hillary 227, suk it

The teachers union has destroyed our system here, vouchers would be a great start toward fixing it.


The problem is liberals do not want people to use their vouchers to go to a religious based school, such as the catholic schools. They feel the vouchers would be a back door way of funding religion. Instead they much prefer we all attend the crappy public schools except for them and their kids, who they send to private schools.


You can do whatever you want to, sweetie. If you want to grant vouchers to kiddos, go ahead. If you want to vote to steal from the taxpayers to elect a Vermont moron, I will oppose you. To save education would involve taking it from the control of the federal Democrats.

Spock (rhp)

i'd be willing to try it. wonder which state would have the gall to defy the teachers' unions by doing this?

YB Logical

Heck........... just vote for Socialism and get everything free........... then we won't need no damn education. If we can get everything free, then who would want to waste time on an education just to get some shitty job that you don't want to go to?


Yes. The entire government school system should be done away with entirely, and children should be put on the voucher system. This is threatening to liberals because they use the government school system to indoctrinate children into radical leftist ideology.

Mike L

We already have competition within Public schools. Better funding and resources will help it.


What is this the left? Last election 54% of Americans voted for Democrats.... when you say "the left" in the demonizing way you mean, you realize you are attacking at least 54% or more of Americans, right? In regards to schooling, schooling should not be about competition. Schooling needs to be public and be a societal common objective, period end of story.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

No One thing that Republicans obsession with testing has proven is that Charter and private schools aren't superior to public schools. They're just ways to siphon money off into private pockets and to subsidize rich or bigoted kids. Why should my tax dollars pay for your religious indoctrination and subpar educations? I'm not paying so you can teach your kids science isn't real while they sit in their jammies all day.


how will giving 40 % of our school budget to corporate profits help our children learn ? no thanks .