When is Britain going to leave the cancerous globalist EU?

Europe, how unbelievably ridiculous and idiotic they are, have commanded Britain that they cant call it terrorism when it's a Muslim who commits it. Since the EU is commanding specific countries what kind of speech they're allowed to use, it's quite clear that the EU support dictatorship and globalist tyranny. How else could it not be? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3823706/European-human-rights-chiefs-orders-British-press-NOT-reveal-terrorists-Muslims.html


Why are Farage and Johnson not involved in making a deal? Oh, they left the sinking ship aka Britain right after it hit the iceberg? Why, I wonder?

Ghost Of Christmas Past

The Daily Mail is a cancerous globalist rag with its own agenda of inciting nationalist populism among the simple minded. You can't use it as toilet paper because it's too full of shít already. The EU is the most successful trading group in the world and the United Kingdom has become prosperous through its membership. Whether we leave with a "deal" or just fall out on 29 March, we will be a lot worse off. There are some right wing idiots who would prefer to starve than trust a foreigner, but a majority of the UK don't want Brexit. Now bugger off to Spain where you can drink Stella and eat English breakfast all day.


Even if that were true (that rag is not called Daily Fail for nothing), the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) has nothing to do with the EU.

Atheist Dude

They will on 29 March 2019 11pm and join custom union to prevent hard border between Republic of Ireland and Norhern Ireleand


it decided to cut its nose off to spite its face


The sooner the better. The EU is a nasty, fascist organisation

Doc Awesome

ASAP,--corporatism's cronies can only stall it now.