Why do anti-whites get so triggered when you call them anti-white?


Doc Awesome

because racists and other democrats hate being called out on it.


scum like Diane Abbott are fond of calling everyone else racists but get upset when you point out that they themselves are racists. She is anti-white and anti-Semitic


Not this one. I just want the same protections you use to call anyone out to apply to me. Like this antisemitic talk that triggers way too many to take action when call out on anything. Nothing is said about their sensibilities. Then why is so much said about mine? I will wait.

Love Unites

For the same reason Nazis get triggered when you call them out. They want their racist views to appear normal and not racist in order to not have to accept responsibility for their racism.


makes them look like the evil monkeys they are ..


For the same reason you wouldn't like to be called anti-black.

Spirit of All

I’m not. I’m anti racist. I think racists are at the same level as bacteria who feed on feces.


Why do blue losers get so triggered when I move their questions?


Just a guess but perhaps they're not anti-white, and you just call them that because you do not want to admit your a racist.


They don't; they know you're a troll. Hope that clears things up for you.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

You mean besides the absurdity of being labeled something you're not, which implies that you, a complete loser of an individual somehow speaks for all whites? Why is it every single white supremacist is such a loser?


Ask your Mom & Dad. Mom! MEATLOAF! MOM! NOW!