Why were so many people giving the black artists that preformed at the superbowl half time show such a hard time?

People should mind there own business, if there dream is to preform during the superbowl and they have the talent to do it let them do it. Stop with the attitude just because somebody is a minority doesn't mean they have to just follow all of the other minorities they are allowed to have there own individualized opinions and thoughts.

Beverly S

Because they MUST conform. They must agree 100% with the liberal platform.. Diversity of speech, or thought is not allowed.


Liberals have a mental disorder and many blacks did perform and they did so before the game. Gladys Knight was one and so were the two young singer before her. The liberals like Jerome are dividing the country due to hatred exposed.


People sounded off saying artists shouldn't bring politics to a show, as the show must go on....i think libs or the media have overreacted to the whole situation, so uncomfortable for the artists....


Because the libs love on old Kaperknick so much. So they hate on any other black person who doesn't follow the party line.


Your insinuation that this is, again, a racist response, simply reflects the projection of YOUR OWN racist tendencies. Grow up.


Because these artists represents the selling out of our people. Money caused them to sacrifice what they believed was right. I see this often in many Americans not just Black Americans. This is just a miniscule episode of a larger picture happening all across the country. Corporations will always rule us (money) if we don't take a UNITED stand. Which they count on. Its why we're divided.