Growth Plates?

I m 16 and am 6 5. I went to the doctor to check out my knee and the doctor had told me that my growth plates are almost fused. This bummed me because I wanted to grow at least another 3-4 inches before 20. Is that farfetched or do I still have a chance despite the plates being almost fused.


No, if your growth plates are almost fused, you are almost done growing. You might grow a little bit more, but definitely not three or four inches.

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it would be a guess

Katherine W

Most people don't grow after 16, so this isn't a surprise. There's not really a reason to be taller than 6'5" is there?


So you wish to be 6' 9"? Well if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Speaking of horses, ever heard you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth? I only speak in proverbs and clich├ęs.