How do teens that run away get jobs?



They become trafficked. Teens shouldn’t be running away to nowhere. If you are running away, run to the house of a friend or family member. Don’t just do it on a whim either, it has to be planned


They don't. Most often, some pimp picks them out of the crowd and befriends them, or one of the other kids the pimp keeps dependent does it. They say the right things, as if they're going to help them, takes them back to the pimp's place, and gets them high. Then having made them dependent on something they never would have done otherwise, they end up doing whatever they are made to do to survive. It happens fast, and it happens to nice kids who would never make those choices without having been forced. They're shot up with whatever hard drug is around, and then they are made to perform sexual acts with people who pay the pimp. They have to do whatever they're made to do for food, for their next fix, for anything, and otherwise kept captive and high. They don't get jobs. They are scooped up by predators. if you are thinking of running away, please call here: If you're having a tough time at home, you can talk it over with a cousnelor here:




They don't. They end up getting abused, or worse. Update: Terrible answer or not, being picked up off the street and then having sex with strangers is never a good idea.

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Adults work out their problems. You run away, you have the same problems with less security. Don't run. Learn how to use family support.


They often are forced into prostitution, or either have to beg or steal. For those who are older than 16 they might be able to work a normal job but usually they aren't that lucky. It is really, really tragic. In civilised nations like Germany it is illegal for teens to run away from home, which you can't do until age 21. Europe has laws protecting teenage children. Nations like America that have no laws protecting them is of course a different story. There is no such thing as an teen leaving home and ending up successful. Usually it ends with their murder. Very sad.

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Depends on the age. At 16, you can get a job. Under that age, it's very tough. It's also hard to afford a place to live. You have to be 18 to sign a contract, and you need a deposit for most places. For what you can make, you can get a room somewhere at best or you may be couch-surfing. I'd suggest getting the job before running away and collecting a paycheck first so you have some money for food. You also need a plan for where you will stay. In fact, it's better to figure out something other than running away. If your parents are abusive, tell a teacher or school authority. If they're not, then see if you another family will take you in, either someone you're related to or a school friend's family. You can post more info here and people will give you suggestions.


Well if you are 18+, you can easily get a job by simply filling out an application and providing all of your paperwork. But I guess if you are 18+ it wouldn’t be considered running away but rather moving out. If you ate under 18 meaning 16 or 17 maybe even 15 or 14, if you have the access to all of your required legal documents like ID and all that, you can still get hired. The problem is, if they found out who you were, they (your boss) may turn you in and you could be back at square one. So if you have access to fake documents, that could work. The easiest way though would probably be to just work under the table. That how im assuming they get jobs at least.

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They dont

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Because it’s needed for survival.