I’m 15 about to be 16 on December Am I allowed to buy a house at age fifteen or do I need to be sixteen or older?Do I need a parent?


L. E. Gant

You need to be of legal age. Note that most property purchases involve a mortgage (a loan) and you need to be of legal age to sign for the loan.


You have to be of legal age. Which would be 18.


You can buy a Barbie Dream House at 15 and 16.


You have to be a legal adult. So look up what that is for your area.


You need to be of legal age and have some kind of credit established. Do you even have a job? Mortgage companies need to know if you pay your bills on time. The only way you could buy a house is if you paid cash, but you would still have to be legal age signing documents.

Oh Boy!

You need to be a legal adult, where ever you live. In the USA, that's 18 in most states.


You can not legally purchase a home until you are I8 but you may rent from your parents younger than that.


You have to be 18 to buy a house



Nekkid Truth!

At least 18. However good luck getting a mortgage at 18