Why don’t my parents ever knock on my bedroom door?

Ok, I’m a 14 yo male. My parents never knock on my door and just barge in. And it’s almost like they want to see everything I do. They just make simple excuses that they’d never normally ask me if my door was wide open like “Is your trash can full?” or “are there any dirty dishes in your room?” Like what if I was jerking off or was laying naked. I would confront my parents but they’d probably ask why I want my door shut and I don’t want them to be suspicious thinking i am masturbating or something

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You should voice your concerns. Tell them how you feel and that you would appreciate it if they would knock, They already know you're masturbating


Sit in your room completely naked all day, when they barge into your room, and find you without your knackers, theyll never do it again. Sometimes you gotta lose a battle to win the war.

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lay on your bed naked and masturbate... they will barge in and then just ask them if they came in to help you.


many adults think they are superior to us because we are their kids. Either that or they totally forgot what it was like to be our age

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Yes, they should realize that at 14 you need some privacy. But I don't know how you can raise the issue without them going ballistic or being suspicious. And no lock/latch on the door ?? Guess if it were me, I'd leave the door a couple inches ajar - and only completely close it when privacy is necessary. Then I'd tell them why I was doing it that way......that you aren't doing something horrible - but might be changing clothes or such. (I'm assuming that you are cooking meth or such in there - - - the activity you want them not to catch you at can be done in the bathroom, middle-of-the-night or such.)


They don't need to Ever They own the room and everything in it and can enter that room when ever they want. If you odnt like it then they should remove the door so they don't even have to open it.


Have you ever given them a good reason not to knock on the door? If so then I think that's reasonable because if you're doing things that are dangerous such as drugs or they think you might be in physical danger then that's reasonable. If their being nosy then they might have trust issues or a lack of manners because barging in on someone while they're changing clothes or when they're masturbating is rude and it sets a bad example. Yes I understand that you're a minor but kids still need to be treated with just as much respect as adults because unless you've done something wrong or disrespectful or you're in danger, they shouldn't be doing that at all because if you have any younger siblings then it teaches them that It's ok to barge into people's rooms.


How on earth are we supposed to know why they don't knock on the door? In any case, it's THEIR door. They pay the mortgage/rent, you do not. While I do not agree with not knocking first, it doesn't matter. They're the parents and the homeowners/renters.


Yes I think that is exactly what they want to catch you doing!. You do have a right to privacy, talk to them about it


Their house - their rules. If you want to lay on your bed, naked, then wait until they go to bed for the night.


well, talk to them about it, set rules


Try speaking with them about your privacy, and if you need to, ask another adult you trust (like an aunt or uncle or their friend?) to help you talk to them about it. They're really only trying to keep you saafe from doing things that would harm you, like Juuling and sexting, and doing drugs and stuff like that. And one of the best ways to keep you out of trouble is to watch over you- but you should have some privacy. Talk to them about it.


Hey bud. I think this clip might help you improve your status with your Parents. Also included a link you might like: https://www.jw.org/en/publications/books/teen-questions/how-to-talk-to-my-parents/#?insight[search_id]=7462d534-218a-4056-8fa7-56b98402c3c8&insight[search_result_index]=5


Just barricade the door lol


You live with them and it's a mystery to you but the general populace of the internet is going to know because?


They don’t have to knock. Everything you have is theirs until you’re 18...legally it is all theirs, every penny you earn till you’re 18 belongs to them.


They don't need to Ever They own the room and everything in it and can enter that room when ever they want. If you odnt like it then they should remove the door so they don't even have to open it.

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warn them you may be pleasuring yourself one of these times