My 15 year old son stills throws temper tantrums like a two year old, at home and in school, acts like a toddler, what's wrong with him?

Recently, I got a call from the principal saying that he was yelling at the top of his lungs and hitting someone because they called him whiny. He also shouted in a girl's ear when she called him a freak, I took away his computer and he threw another one, and started calling me a "poopy butt" and "fartface". Now, he's hitting teachers and calling them "burpyheads" and "dummyheads". Does he have mental retardation? He also refuses to watch anything but Caillou.


I wouldn't worry, it's common behavior for imaginary troll children.


Your imaginary son needs psychiatric help.


Go back to Troll School.

Beverly S

Troll.. and not even a good one.


Hello again, troll. At least this time you've changed your imaginary son's age - today he's 15. For the past 3 years, in every one of your ridiculous posts about him, he's been 16.


Lol thanks for the laugh

Jackie M

And what does he say when you slap your hand across his butt

Country B4 Party

Has he been tested for autism?


He has been spoiled through out his life & will have to learn the hard way that he can't always get his way.


Sounds like he may have autism. Ok if he misbehaves at school, the school deals with it, not you. Do not bring him home because by law he has to be there


It sounds like he needs some mental help.




he might be a little. this community has a "master" or "mommy" or "daddy". they consider themselves "littles". it COULD be sexual.


He's a typicla spoiled child He doesn't need therapy, he doesn't have autism, he doesn't have anything wrong with him other hten his mother is a lazy waste of space that allows her child to walk all over like a door mat. You need to take the door away, take all the electronics away, and when he curses you smack him right in the mouth and you start smacking him every time he acts up


He probably feels like he doesn't fit in.